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Notice for December 2, 2016’s Innovation seminar (장은영 김문구 유세종 홍순파)


Dear all,

Join us this Friday for the ITM Innovation Seminar, where ITM students share their research ideas and various industry expertise. ITM Innovation Seminar is open to the public, so please join us if you're interested.

1. Time : 16:20~19:00, December 2, 2016 (Friday)

2. Place : N5, Room #2125

3. Presenters
장은영, KRI, as a leading indicator
김문구, 기업 혁신역량의 영향요인과 성과와의 관련성 연구
유세종, Evaluation on the government policy for deploying EV taxi
홍순파, 한국의 신재생에너지 보급제도 실증비교(FIT vs RPS)

4. Contact Info
- Prof : Chulho Lee (
- TA : JooMan Kim (
- Office : Yu Joo LEE (