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Notice for December 9, 2016’s Innovation seminar (심인정 최나린 강종원)


Dear all,

Join us this Friday for the ITM Innovation Seminar, where ITM students share their research ideas and various industry expertise. ITM Innovation Seminar is open to the public, so please join us if you're interested.

1. Time : 16:20~19:00, December 9, 2016 (Friday)

2. Place : N5, Room #2125

3. Presenters
심인정, Data-driven Innovations in Health Care
최나린, 기술로드맵 적용 사례연구
강종원, 바이오플라스틱 제조 기술 및 사업화 전략

4. Contact Info
- Prof : Chulho Lee (
- TA : JooMan Kim (
- Office : Yu Joo LEE (