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[박사학위 논문심사 안내]2020년05월14일(목) 14시~/홍순파 (20155421)



기술경영전문대학원 박사학위 논문심사를 아래와 같이 안내합니다.


1. 학 과: 기술경영전문대학원


2. 학 생 명: 홍순파 (20155421)


3. 논문

(국문) 발전차액지원제도에서 신재생에너지 공극의무화제도로 전환

이 태양광의 그리드 패러티에 미친 영향 분석: 학습곡선 모형을 이용

(영문) Anlaysis of the effect if switching from FIT to RPS on

grid parity for photovoltaics in Korea: using learning curve model


4. Abstract

Renewable energy (RE) electricity, such as photovoltaic (PV) power generation, has the benefits of strengthening energy security, addressing climate change, reducing air pollution, etc., but there are some impediments to deployment of RE electricity: higher costs than fossil fuels, intermittent energy production, site constraints, etc. Korea changed its RE electricity support systems from feed-in tariff (FIT) to a renewable portfolio standard (RPS) in 2012. This study evaluates FIT versus RPS in terms of the time to reach grid parity for PVs. Using a learning curve model, we calculate the learning rate of PV power generation during the FIT and RPS periods. We find that the PV learning rate during the RPS period was 18.44%, much higher than that during the FIT period, -0.28%, and R2 is 0.9861 and 0.7346 in the RPS and FIT periods, respectively. Using the calculated learning rate in the RPS period, we also predict that grid parity for PVs is expected in 2025 in Korea.


5. 심사위원장: 양태용


6. 심사위원: 양태용, 이덕희, 장현준, 조기선, 조항정


7. 심사일시: 2020년 05월 14일(목요일) 오후 2시~


8. 심사장소: N5 동 2113 호