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[박사학위 논문심사 안내]2020년05월26일(화) 14시~/차길영 (20145377)



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1. 학 과: 기술경영전문대학원

2. 학 생 명:차길영 (20145377)

3. 논문

(국문) 국내 교육 기관의 성장을 위한 이러닝 선택 및 에너지 솔루

션에 관한 연구

(영문) Two essays on e-learning adoption and optimal energy solutions

for educational institute growth in South Korea

4. Abstract

In an era of educational paradigm shifts, adoption of e-learning has been a significant phenomenon in South Korea. First study examines characteristics of instructor, teaching materials, perceived mobility, and perceived connectedness as key independent factors for intent to use e-learning systems, by way of effects on perceived usefulness and ease of use. Although the psychological factors influencing e-learning adoption are well defined, the framework that accounts for such effects remains ambiguous. The suggestion herein is that intent to use e-learning is related to the user’s motivational factors, a connection that can be explained in terms of the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). The results indicated that instructor characteristics and perceived mobility were the important factors determining the learners’ perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness. In addition, perceived connectedness is positively related to intention to use e-learning (ITU). First study represents a beginning step to investigate the mechanism of adopting e-learning with result implications.

In addition, Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which are produced through the combustion of fossil fuels, cause climate changes such as increases in air temperature. In South Korea, many private educational institutions have consumed considerable levels of electric power and thus must be studied. This issue constitutes one of the South Korean government’s main concerns related to excessive electricity consumption. An optimal means of reducing GHG emissions and climate change would involve replacing existing power systems, which almost all private educational institutions use with heavy dependence on fossil fueled powered hybrid power systems (including renewable energy sources). Second study examines the optimized hybrid system that powers hybrid renewable power systems in supplying electric loads to private educational institutions in South Korea. Simulation of the designed system that I recommend is based on the Hybrid Optimization Model for Electric Renewables (HOMER) program. The results show that when hybrid energy systems are adopted in private educational institutions, renewable fractions will amount to 2% or 76% in on-grid and off-grid, respectively, increasing the net present cost (NPC).

5. 심사위원장: 양태용

6. 심사위원: 양태용, 이덕희, 장현준, 정양헌, 엄재용

7. 심사일시: 2020년 05월 26(화요일) 오후 2시~

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