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[석사학위 논문심사 안내]2021년12월09일(목) 13시~/권기빈(20203725)



기술경영전문대학원 석사학위 논문심사를 아래와 같이 안내합니다.  

1. 학 과: 기술경영전문대학원

2. 학 생 명: 권 기 빈 (학번 : 20203725 )

3. 논문제목:

(국문) 모바일 오픈 소스 소프트웨어의 확산 : 확산 형태와 확산 요인 분석

(영문) Innovation Diffusion of Open Source Software : Mobile Open Source Software

4. Abstract

Various diffusion studies have been conducted in the diffusion of technologies since Rogers advocated the diffusion theory of innovationthe focus of previous research is on physical products with ICT technology. This seems to be due to the relative characteristics of physical product compared to non-physical ones like slow diffusion cycle. Due to the lack of studies for non-physical products, the application of existing theories in such innovations cases can lead to poor decision-making.

In this paper, we analyze that diffusion theory previously studied works as a valid framework in Open-Source Software's diffusion through data collection of innovation adoption in MOSS(Mobile Open-Source Software). Our findings show that diffusion of MOSS has characteristics of 'Double Peak' and Complex Adaptive System (CAS).

In addition, this study investigates previous studies on factors influencing OSS adoption and Double-Peak phenomena in other fields, and reports the results of investigation-based focus group studies. The results help individuals or companies establish appropriate technology acceptance strategies. Keywords: Innovation Theory, Open Source Software, Innovation Strategy, Open Innovation


5. 심사위원장: 조 항 정

6. 심사위원: 허 영 은, 노 수 홍



7. 심사일시: 2020129(목요일) 오후 1