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[박사학위 논문심사 안내]2019년11월07일(목) 14시~/김민성(20145356)



기술경영전문대학원 박사학위 논문심사를 아래와 같이 안내합니다.

1. 학 과: 기술경영전문대학원

2. 학 생 명: 김민성 (20145356)

3. 논문제목:
(국문) 국가 R&D와 주식시장에서의 이질적인 투자 활동에 관한 연구
(영문) A Study on Heterogeneous Investment Activities in National R&D and Stock Markets

4. Abstract
This dissertation empirically studies the heterogeneity of national R&D and stock markets.
The first chapter empirically investigates the relationship between the cross-industry
distribution of R&D investments and economic growth across 14 countries for the
periodfrom 1996 to 2013. This study finds an inverted U-shaped relationship between
them. Moreover, heavy investment in high-technology manufacturing industry alleviates
this negative effect of concentration. The opposite holds for much investment in the
service industry. Lastly, this study finds that the importance of diversification increases
when countries advance, while developing countries can benefit from strategic
concentration. The second chapter investigates the causal and contemporaneous
relationships between market participants (individuals, institutions, and foreigners) and
returns in Korean stock markets (KOSPI and KOSDAQ). As a result, those relationships of
individuals are stronger in the KOSDAQ than in the KOSPI.

5. 심사위원장: 김지희

6. 심사위원: 김원준, 이덕희, 정양헌, 한승헌

7. 심사일시: 2019년 11월 7일(목요일) 오후 2시

8. 심사장소: 대학 2호관(N5) 2113 호