About I&TM

Adding management to technology creates new value.

Dean's Message

Highly recommend you to explore KAIST I&TM program and the opportunities it presents.

Innovation is one of the key drivers of value creation.

Innovation is core to value creation through the growth and transformation of the government, businesses, community, and society. As a result, numerous institutions have already made significant investments in research to find the next driving force in the era of technology-driven innovation, which is associated with AI, IoT, Big Data, Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Cities, Smart Factories, and many other areas.

Increasing pace of technological progress demands and interdisciplinary mindset.

In order to overcome redundancy and market saturation, hardware-based technology is creating more value through integration with various services. At the same time, the market is ceaselessly in demand of more useful and socially valuable technology. This means that students must be fostered to cultivate creative, endogenous, and interdisciplinary mindsets as the pace of technological convergence accelerates.

Dynamic interaction between theory and practice is necessary to get along in the 4th Industrial Revolution Era.

Innovation takes place at the crossroad of theory and practice. The essence of innovation is understanding the demands of society and the market, shaping meaningful change, and endlessly applying as well as improving existing processes. In that sense, the capability to bridge theory and practice is crucial to understanding the on-going technology-driven society and to capturing business insight. Therefore, KAIST I&TM aims to become a platform for such practical innovation.

The KAIST Graduate School of Innovation and Technology Management (I&TM) is uniquely positioned to provide world-class education.

First, KAIST is recognized as one of the world’s finest educational institutions in engineering and science. I&TM is collaborating with engineering and science departments of KAIST to make technologies more relevant to the business context.

Second, I&TM is staffed with highly talented professors and distinguished subject matter experts who are experienced in both academy and industry. Classes are taught using the team teaching approach to provide students with an integrated view of multiple disciplines.

Third, experiential learning and internships are fully integrated into our program. Students do not only case studies but also conduct research based on their actual interaction and experience with I&TM affiliated companies.

Finally, I&TM already has a strong network of companies, government agencies, and other leading academic institutions. By leveraging this network and other KAIST resources, our students should be able to jump-start careers in innovation and technology management.

As the head of I&TM, I dedicate my full effort to providing the resources for you to become innovative global leaders who shape the development of innovation and entrepreneurship.

I&TM will provide you with the knowledge, means, and experience required to overcome challenges and bring about meaningful change in innovation and entrepreneurship. For those students who are seeking an environment that encourages creativity, risk-taking, and experiential learning, our program will be a perfect fit for you. We will offer our best efforts to helping you achieve your goals.

Head of I&TM  Kim, Wonjoon