About I&TM

Adding management to technology creates new value.

Mission & Vision

I&TM, for Innovative leaders who shape the global innovation and entrepreneurship landscape.

What is I&TM

KAIST I&TM is a global business school aiming to cultivate global leaders with the following qualities.

  • Global innovators

    who develop technical assets core to business growth as well as inspire meaningful change in business processes.

  • Entrepreneurs

    who introduce innovation into the market and pioneer societal change.

  • Researchers

    who inspire new paradigms of research and development of science and technology in both Korea and throughout the world.

  • Leaders

    who initiate the transformation of science and technology policy.


KAIST I&TM fosters innovative leaderswho shape the global innovation and entrepreneurship landscape

Research and Education Initiatives
  • Innovation Strategy and Policy for Emerging Innovation

    Research on high-tech industry : semiconductor, pharmaceutical, IT devices, automobile and other related technologies

  • Entrepreneurship Practice and Policy

    Research on entrepreneurship and its impact on technology innovation, firm creation and economic growth

  • Digital Transformation

    Theory and empirical research on AI, big-data, autonomous machines, mobility and their impact on firm, market and society

  • National Innovation Strategy and Policy

    Research on the national innovation strategy, competitive advantages of nations and policy including technology trade and transfer

  • Science and Technology Policy

    Research on science and technology policy including science of science, R&D policy, national science policy

  • Intellectual Property Management and Strategy

    Research on intellectual property management including related ethical issues