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Emeritus Professors

Chung, YangHon

School of Business and Technology ManagementProfessor

Accounting, Performance Management

+82-(0)42-350-6321N22, #407

Field of Study

- Performance Management
- Performance on Environment, Energy and Social Activities
- Cost and Financial Analysis on Process, Project, and Policy
- Managerial Accounting Issues


- MSB230 Principles of Accounting
- MSB370 Analysis of Technology Valuation
- MSB431 Managerial Accounting
- MSB530 Accounting Principles
- MSB630 Managerial Accounting
- MSB830 Advanced Performances Management


- Ph.D., in Accounting, Georgia State University, USA
- MAcc, University of Georgia, USA
- M.A., in Accounting, Korea University, KOREA
- B.S., in Agriculture Chemistry, Seoul National University, KOREA

Major Career

- Professor, School of Business and Technology Management, College of Business, KAIST (present)
- President-elect, Management Accounting Association of Korea (2018)
- President, Korea Association of Business Education
- Editor-in-Chief, Korean Journal of Accounting Research, Korean Academic Society of Accounting (present)
- Visiting Scholar, National Research Council of Science & Technology
- Director, MBA Program, School of IT Business, Information and Communications University (ICU)
- Director, Accounting & Tax Division, Daejeon University
- Lecturer, School of Accounting, Georgia State University

Key Papers

- HanGyeol Seo, Hyungsuk Yoon, Yanghon Chung, (2017), “R&D cooperation and unintended innovation performance: Role of appropriability regimes and sectoral characteristics, Technovation, forthcoming.
- HanGyeol Seo, Yanghon Chung, Chungwon Woo, Dongphil Chun, Soojeen Sarah Jang, (2016), "SME’s Appropriability regime for Sustainable Development – the Role of Absorptive Capacity and Inventive Capacity", Sustainability, 8(7), 665.
- Dongphil Chun, Sungjun Hong, Yanghon Chung, Chungwon Woo, HanGyeol Seo, (2016), "Influencing factors on hydrogen energy R&D projects: An ex-post performance evaluation", Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 53, 1252-1258.
- Chungwon Woo, Yanghon Chung, Dongphil Chun, HanGyeol Seo, Sungjun Hong, (2015), "The static and dynamic environmental efficiency of renewable energy: a Malmquist index analysis of OECD countries", Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 47, 367-376.
- Dongphil Chun, Yanghon Chung, Chungwon Woo, HanGyeol Seo, Hyesoo Ko, (2015) "Labor Union Effects on Innovation and Commercialization Productivity: An Integrated Propensity Score Matching and Two-Stage Data Envelopment Analysis", Sustainability, 7(5), 5120-5138.
- HanGyeol Seo, Yanghon Chung, Chungwon Woo, Dongphil Chun, (2015), "Value capture mechanism: R&D productivity comparison of SMEs", Management Decision, 53(2), 318-337.
- DP Chun, CW Woo, HG Seo, YH Chung, SJ Hong, JW Kim, (2014), "The role of hydrogen energy development in the Korean economy: An input-output analysis", International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 39(15), 7627-7633.