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Yasin Ceran

Associate Professor / School of Business and Technology Management

Management Information Systems

+82-(0)42-350-6327N22, #407

Field of Study

Application of Machine/Deep Learning on Healthcare Domain, Electronic Word of Mouth, Multi-sided Software Platforms


Applied Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence for MBA
Introduction to MIS
Systems Analysis and Design


Ph. D. in Management Science, University of Texas at Dallas, USA (2013)
MS in Electrical/Telecommunications Engineering, University of Texas at Dallas, USA, 2003

Major Career

Associate Professor, Department of Business and Technology Management, KAIST, April 2021-Present
Assistant Professor, Information Systems and Analytics Department, Santa Clara university, California, 2013-2019

Key Papers

Ceran Y., M. Dawande, D. Liu, V. Mookerjee, 2014. “Optimal Software Reuse in Incremental Software Development: A Transfer Pricing Approach,” Management Science (60)3, 541-559
Hongyu C., Z. Zheng, Y. Ceran. 2016 “De-Biasing the Reporting Bias in Social Media Analytics,” Productions and Operations Management (25)5, 849-865.
Ceran, Y., H. Singh, V. Mookerjee. 2016.“Knowing What Your Customer Wants: Improving Inventory Allocation Decisions in Online Movie Rental Systems,” Productions and Operations Management (25)10, 1673-1688.
M Jeong, H Zo, CH Lee, Y Ceran , 2019, “Feeling displeasure from online social media postings: A study using cognitive dissonance theory”, - Computers in Human Behavior, (97) 231-240