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조항정 (Zo, Hangjung)

기술경영학부 교수

IT Management, Digital Innovation

+82-(0)42-350-6311N22, #603

Field of Study

IT Management
Digital Business Strategy
Digital Social Innovation
Digital Fabrication


Ph.D., in IT Management, Minor: Marketing (E-Business), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA (2006)
M.S., in Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University, KOREA, (1993)
B.S., in Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University, KOREA, (1991)

Major Career

Associate Professor, School of Business and Technology Management, KAIST [Mar. 2009–present]
Director, Research Institute of Social Technology and Innovation, KAIST [2017– present]
Assistant Professor of IT School of Business, Information and Communications University (ICU), [2007-2009]
Project Leader/Information Architect/UI Consultant/Website Designer/Developer, Samsung, KOREA [1993-1999]

Key Papers

Bhuasiri, W ,Xaymoungkhoun, O, Zo, H, Rho, JJ, Ciganek, AP, Critical success factors for e-learning in developing countries: A comparative analysis between ICT experts and faculty, Computers & Education, 58(2), pp. 843-855, Feb. 2012

Park, S, Zo, H, Ciganek, AP, Lim, GG, Examining success factors in the adoption of digital object identifier systems, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 10(6), pp. 626-636, Nov. 2011

Yoon, H, Zo, H, Ciganek, AP, Does XBRL adoption reduce information asymmetry?, Journal of Business research, 64(2), pp. 157-163, Feb. 2011

Zo, H, Nazareth, DL, Jain, HK, Security and performance in service-oriented applications: Trading off competing objectives, Decision Support Systems, 50, pp. 336-346, Dec. 2010

Zo, H, Ramamurthy, K, Consumer Selection of E-Commerce Websites in a B2C Environment: A Discrete Decision Choice Model, IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics Part A-Systems and Humans, 39(4), pp. 819-839, Jul. 2009