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기술경영학부 조교수

Strategic Management

+82-(0)42-350-6315N5, #2109

Field of Study

Technology and innovation strategy
Knowledge search
University commercialization
Corporate social responsibility of innovative firms


Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA. Ph.D. in Strategic Management
University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, USA. M.S. in Management of Technology
Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea. B.Sc. in Earth Science Education

Major Career

Assistant Professor, KAIST, 2017.2 - Present
Assistant Professor, UNIST, 2014.6 - 2017.1

Key Papers

Lee, J., Jung, H.J., & Park, H. 2022 "Rare is beautiful? Rareness, technology value, and the moderating role of search domain and knowledge maturity" Production and Operations Management, forthcoming

Jung, H.J, & Lee, SH, 2022 "The impact of bribery relationships on firm growth in transition economies." Organization Science, forthcoming

Lee, K. & Jung, H.J., 2021 "Does TTO capability matter in commercializing university technology? Evidence from longitudinal data in South Korea." Research Policy, 50(1): 104133.

Jung, H.J. 2020 "Recombination sources and breakthrough inventions: university-developed technology versus firm-developed technology." Journal of Technology Transfer, 45: 1121-1166

Choi, G., Nam, C., Kim, S., Jung, H.J. & Lee, C.H., 2020 "Where does knowledge-sharing motivation come from? The case of third-party developer in mobile platforms." Journal of Knowledge Management, 24(7):1681-1704.

Lee, J., Jung, H.J., & Park, H. 2020. Rare is Beautiful? Revisiting the Value Implications of Resource Rareness as a Source of Strategic Advantage. Best Paper Proceedings of the Academy of Management Annual meeting. (OSCM Division) Chan Han Best Paper Finalist.

Jung, H. J. & Lee, J. 2016 "The Quest for Originality: A New Typology of Knowledge Search and Breakthrough Inventions." Academy of Management Journal, 59:1725-1753.

Jung, H. J. & Lee, J. 2014. "The Impacts of Science and Technology Policy Interventions on University Research: Evidence from the U.S. National Nanotechnology Initiative." Research Policy, 43(1): 74-91.

Jung, H.J. 2013. Do knowledge flows trigger interfirm cooperation? Evidence from the enterprise software industry. Strategic
Management Society. Atlanta. Best Conference PhD Paper Award Finalist.

Jung, H.J, & Lee, J. 2012. The Impact of Mission-Oriented Initiatives on University Research: The Case of Nanotechnology in the U.S. Best Paper Proceedings of the Academy of Management Annual meeting. (TIM Division) Best Student Paper Finalist.