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정재용 (Choung, JaeYong)

기술경영학부 교수

Science and Technology Policy

+82-(0)42-350-6314N22, #404

Field of Study

Technology Management
Science and Technology Policy


Ph.D., in Science and Technology Policy, University of Sussex, U.K (1998)
M.S., in Industry Strategy and Technology Management, University of Manchester, U.K (1992)
B.A., in Trade, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. KOREA(1986)

Major Career

President, The Korea Society for Innovation Management & Economics (2018-)
Member, The National Academy of Engineering of Korea (2018-)
Adjunct Professor, KAIST Science and Technology Policy (2017-)
Associate Editors-in-Chief, Asian Journal of Technology Innovation (2013-)
Director of Center for Post Catch-up Research Center [2011-]
Professor, Department of Business and Technology Management, KAIST [2009– present]
Director of Center for Science and Technology Strategies (KIFS) [2008– 2010]
Visiting Professor, Communication, Culture & Technology Program, Georgetown University [2007-2008]
Editorial Board, International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development(2007-)
Director of Technology and Innovation Policy Research Center [2005-]
Associate Professor, IT School of Business, Information and Communications University (ICU), [2001 –2009]

Key Papers

Choung JChoung J-Y. (1998), Patterns of Innovation in Korea and Taiwan. IEEE Transaction. On Engineering Management,Vol.45. No. 4, pp.357-365.

Choung J-Y. H-R Hwang, J-H Choi, M-H Rim(2000), Transition of Latecomer firms: Technology User to Technology Generator, Case study of Technological Capability Accumulation of Korean Semiconductor firms, World Development, Vol.28.No.5, pp.969-982.

Choung J-Y, H-R Hwang, H-S Yang(2006), The co-evolution of technology and institution in the Korean Information and Communications Industry, International Journal of Technology Management, Vol. 36, N0.1, pp.246-266.

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