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이덕희 (Lee, DukHee)

기술경영학부 교수


+82-(0)42-350-6306 N22, #405

Field of Study

Network & Complexity Economics
ICT Economics & Policy
Innovation System & Clusters
Economic Feasibility & Cost-Benefit Analysis


Ph.D. in Economics, State University of New York at Buffalo, USA(1996)
M.A. in Economics, Graduate School of Korea University , Seoul, KOREA, (1989)
B.A. in Economics, Korea University, Seoul, KOREA, (1986)

Major Career

Director, MBA Program, Dept. of Management Science, KAIST [Apr 2009 -present]
Professor, Department of Business and Technology Management, KAIST [Mar 2009 -present]
Director, IT-Business Research Institute, KAIST[ Mar 2009 - present]
Associate Dean, School of IT-Business, Information and Communications University (ICU)[ Jan 2003 - Jan 2005]
Director, IT-Business Research Institute, ICU [Apr. 2006 -Feb 2009]
Associate Professor, School of IT-Business, ICU [Apr. 2005-Feb 2009]
Assistant Professor, School of IT-Business, ICU Aug. 1996 -Jan. 2002]
Research Fellow, Division of Digital Economy Studies, Korea Institute of Industrial Economics and Trade (KIET)

Key Papers

Lee, DH ,Seo, IW ,Choe, HC ,Kim, HD, Collaboration Network Patterns and Research Performance: the Case of Korean Public Research Institutions, Scientometrics 91(3), 925-942, 2012

Lee, DH ,Lee, DH, Increase in Telecommunications Expenditure and the Migration of Consumption Online: The Case of South Korea, Information Society, 28(2), pp.61-82, 2012.

Park, SY ,Kim, JW ,Lee, DH, Development of a market penetration forecasting model for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles considering infrastructure and cost reduction effects, Energy Policy, 39(6), pp.3307-3315, Jun 2011

Lee, J ,Lee, DH, Estimating mobile network externality surcharges in Korea, International Journal of Mobile Communications, 9(6), pp.584-603, 2011

Lee, D, Jung, M, Economic effects of trade patterns on productivity: Evidence from the Korean automobile industry, JAPAN and The World Economy, 21(1), pp.71-84, Jan, 2009

Lee, DH ,Lee, DH, Estimating Consumer Surplus in the Mobile Telecommunications Market: The Case of Korea, Telecommunications Policy, 30(10-11), 605-621, 2006.