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송찬후 (Song, Chanhoo)


Organizational Behavior/Human Resources Management

+82-(0)42-350-6310 N22, #308

Field of Study

Interdependence and Cooperative/Competitive Behaviors
Group Dynamics & Conflict Management
Newcomer Socialization and Turnover
Work Attitudes and In-role/Extra-role Behaviors
Evaluation and Compensation
Corporate Social Responsibility and Wrongdoings


Ph.D., in Organizational Behavior, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA (2000)
M.S., in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, USA(1995)
B.A., in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, SungKyunKwan University, KOREA (1991)

Major Career

Associate Professor, Department of Business and Technology Management, KAIST [Mar. 2009– present]
Associate Dean, School of IT Business, Information and Communications University (ICU), [Mar. 2008 –Mar. 2009]
Associate Professor of IT School of Business, Information and Communications University (ICU), [Aug. 2007-Feb. 2009]
Director, IBT Policy Program for Senior Officials offered by ICU and KAIST, Sponsored by Korea Communications Commission [Jan 2007– December 2009]
Assistant Professor of IT School of Business, Information and Communications University (ICU), [Aug. 2003-Aug.2007]
Assistant Professor of Management, Department of Management, Marketing, Information Systems & Sciences, Fairleigh Dickinson University, [August 2000 – August 2003]

Key Papers

Song, C. , Changes in Goal and Reward Structures in Organizations since the Financial Crisis in South Korea: The Issue of Congruence and Employee Social Value Orientation, 인사조직연구, 19(2), pp. 135-167, Jun. 2011

Zo, H. Song, C, Han SH, IT 통합의 결정 요인과 과정: 국내 대기업들에 대한 사례 연구, Information Systems Review, 10(3), pp. 223-255, Dec. 2008

Nam, C., Lee, E., Song, C. & Park, C. Consumers’ privacy concerns and willingness to provide marketing-related personal information online, Advances in Consumer Research, 33, pp. 212-217, 2006.

Song, C. ,Sommer, S.M. ,Hartman, A.E., The impact of adding an external rater on interdepartmental cooperative behaviors of workers, International Journal of Conflict Management, 9(2), pp. 117-128, 1998