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노재정 (Rho, JaeJeung)

기술경영학부 교수

Supply Chain Management

+82-42-350-6318/6844N22, #406

Field of Study

Knowledge Management System
e-government Project Management
Supply Chain Management


Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, University of Houston, USA (1994)
M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University (1988)
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Design, Seoul National University, KOREA (1983)

Major Career

Associate Professor, Department of Business and Technology Management, College of Innovation [Mar. 2009-present]
Associate Professor, Department of IT Management Information and Communications University (ICU), [Jul. 1998-Feb.2009]
Director, Global IT Technology Program (ITTP) [Feb. 2006-present]
Director in Business Research, Auto-ID Lab Korea [Mar. 2005-present]
Board of Director Member, Korean society for Supply Chain Management [Mar.2009-present]
Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Kyung Sung University [Mar. 1994– Aug. 2001]

Key Papers

Jeon, H ,Shin, Y, Choi, M ,Rho, JJ ,Kim, MS, User Adoption Model under Service Competitive Market Structure for Next-Generation Media Services, ETRI Journal, 33(1), pp. 110-120, Feb. 2011

Chung, KH , Ko, CS ,Hwang, YM ,Rho, JJ, Net work design for strategic alliance in express courier services : A Fuzzy set Approach, International Journal of Innovative computing information and control 6, pp.349-359, Jan. 2010

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