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김형철 (Kim, Kevin)



Field of Study

Capital markets – trading volume, mergers and acquisitions Financial reporting - information search/acquisition, information intermediaries


Ph.D. in Accounting, Texas Tech University, USA (2015)
M.S. in Accounting, Brigham Young University, USA (2011)
B.S. in Accounting, Brigham Young University, USA (2011)

Major Career

Assistant Professor, Department of Business and Technology Management, KAIST [May. 2021 - present]
Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting, The University of Memphis [Aug. 2015 – May.2021]

Key Papers

•Effects of External Review Inconsistency on New Automobile Sales: Role of Time and Advertising, 2021, Journal of Interactive Marketing
•Examining the Performance of Declining Acquirers, 2021, Accounting and Finance
•A Bold Move or Biting Off More Than They Can Chew: Examining the Performance of Small Acquirers, 2021, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting
•Examining the Stock Performance of Acquirers where the Acquirer or Target Hold Patents, 2021, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting
•The Role of the Business Press in Creating and Disseminating Information around Earnings Announcements, 2020, European Accounting Review
•The Cost of Independence: Evidence from Companies' Decisions to Dismiss Audit Firms as Tax-Service Providers, 2020, Accounting Horizons
•The Impact of Life Cycle Stage on Firm Acquisitions, 2020, International Journal of Accounting and Information Management
•Acquired In-Process Research Development and Earnings Management, 2018, Australian Accounting Review